Kelly IV is For Sale! 

Feel free to contact Captain Murph by phone or email. There are more details about Kelly IV at or on this website.

Sail with Captain Murph, a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain, on his sailboat, Kelly IV, or on your own yacht.  Check the Calendar for availability on board Kelly IV, now in this location.  Join Kelly IV for her return trip northbound up the ICW, departing Titusville, FL about April 18, arriving Annapolis, MD approximately May 23, 2016.  Just email or call Captain Murph to set your plans in motion.

Cruise, Sail, Learn, Charter, Buy or Sell, Delivery, Canvas & Sail Repairs. Just email or call Captain Murph to set your plans in motion.

Check out CaptMurph's Small Sailboat Cruises and Adventures Here or Click Here for Kelly IV's 2011 cruise of 2,500 nautical miles from Lake Erie to RI.  For facts on Kelly IV's 2011 Cruise click here.  Search by typing in the "Search" field at the upper right corner of any page on this website.

For the action packed Delivery of 2010 through 8 foot waves and 30 knot winds across 140 nm of Lake Erie, click here.

"Kelly IV" is now in her current location.  To check out Kelly IV's Trip Logs, click here.

Crewing on a CaptMurph Cruise - includes FAQs and a list of what to bring.

Just email or call Captain Murph to set your plans in motion.

Cruise North America
Kelly IV, Endeavour 32
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Cruise North America

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You may enjoy reviewing Captain Murph's Trip LogsPhoto Gallery, Video Gallery, or many boating links, including information about Murph's Down East Cruise sailing from Lakes Erie and Ontario, down the entire St. Lawrence River, through Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, across the Bay of Fundy, along the Maine coast and into southern New England.  For a review of various facts or notes on Kelly IV's Down East Cruise, click here.  Cruising World hosts a Logbook of Captain Murph's sailing adventures over the past several years.  You may find it fun to browse through those articles.

Sail with Captain Murph! He can take you sailing on his Endeavour 32 sloop, or skipper your boat if you would like help increasing your sailing skills on your own yacht.  For a review of various facts or notes on Kelly IV's 2011 Cruise click here.

Captain Murph can also share with you his experience cruising on small keel boats. You can learn about cruising by sailing with Captain Murph as he sails from one destination to the next.  Or you can hire Captain Murph to skipper your boat as you expand your cruising skills on your own adventure.  Captain Murph can even be available to serve as your Captain on a charter boat of your choice anywhere you decide to sail.

Buying a sailboat? How and where you plan to sail has a big impact on what boat would suit you best. Captain Murph can help you find the right type boat that you will enjoy, especially if this is your first boat.

You can feel comfortable that Captain Murph brings the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to enable you to enjoy a wonderful sail and even learn to sail or sail better, if that is your goal.  You can see what others have said about their experiences sailing with Captain Murph on our “References” section.

Join Captain Murph as he cruises North America's East Coast.  For the excursion of a lifetime, you can reserve a berth on "Kelly IV" as she continues sailing the adventure.   You can cruise with CaptMurph on Kelly IV for a weekend, a week or longer.  Just email or call Captain Murph to set your plans in motion.

Do you need your boat moved to it's new location?  Captain Murph can deliver your power or sail vessel to/from any point in the Americas.

Need your bimini or dodger repaired or replaced?  How are those cushion covers holding up?  Could your sail do with a repair or two?  Captain Murph has been sewing since he could push a needle through a sock.  More recently he has been using a commercial, powerful, well designed sewing machine from Sailrite since 2003.

Just email or call Captain Murph to discuss your plans and set them in motion.

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