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Happy Memorial Day to Everyone – The title of this trip report is “One Can Have As Many Adventures On Land As On The Water”. Subtitle is “If You’re Going To Brag, You Should Balance That With A Little Self-Deprecation As Well”. Murph did return to the boat from Columbus, OH on May 23 as planned. However, the train to Savannah was late and so he missed the 6:30am bus from Savannah to Beaufort. The next bus was not leaving until 7:30pm, so he decided to hitchhike (one of the few disadvantages of cruising, i.e., no car). He made and held out a sign that said “BFT”. Fortunately, after approximately an hour, he was given a ride by 2 young marines who were headed for the Marine Air Station just outside of Beaufort (yea, Marines!). When they arrived at the marina, they came aboard the boat and we enjoyed an hour of conversation and coffee on a beautiful sunny morning. Great young men! OK, here comes the self-deprecating part (though mild, I must say). I had a document on my laptop that I wanted to print, but of course, no room for a printer onboard. So I stored the document on a flash drive, we borrowed a car from the dock master (this was on May 23), and drove to Staples to have them print the document. It was a loaner car that the marina owner had bought to replace the one that broke down when we were on the bridge 2 weeks earlier. We hated to borrow it because we didn’t want to abuse the privilege, but it was available, so we did. Later that day (May 23), I realized that I did not have the flash drive. I called Staples and, of course, they had it. Now this would not be a big deal, but again, NO CAR :-(. The next day, with great hesitation, we asked to borrow the car again so that we could retrieve the flash drive. While there, we also purchased a box of sheet protectors. Later that day (May 24), guess what we realized. You got it…we did not have the sheet protectors. I called Staples the next morning (May 25) and asked if they had the sheet protectors. Of course, they did. There was no way we were going to ask to borrow the car again. So I asked the customer service rep if she could simply return them for me and credit my VISA. She was kind enough to do so. I then told her the story of the flash drive as well. I suggested that they position someone at the exit to the store and whenever old people leave, they should ask them, “Do you have everything??” OK, here comes the braggin’ part. Please pardon my self-promotion, but given my fear of heights, I had to share this. One of the many boat repairs that we have been dealing with since Murph returned is repairing the anchor light.
2015_05_25_murph_climbing_mast 1 2015_05_25_murph_climbing_mast 7-cropped 2015_05_25_murph_climbing_mast top kellyiv_foredeckfrommasthead
Murph devised an ingenious fix and climbed to the top of the mast, which is 45ft above the water, this morning to make the repair (photos attached). One of the “fun” parts about the climbing task is the amount of exercise you get, and it is surprising how much you sway back and forth as the wind blows. I told Murph that I would like to climb the mast as well. He actually had another repair to make that required a climber. (The task was to untangle the lazy jacks, which create a cradle that the mainsail drops into when it is lowered.). So I harnessed up and climbed up as high as the spreaders (approximately 2/3 of the way to the top of the mast), where I was able to accomplish the task.
karenclimbingmast karenclimbing1 karenbosunchair karenclimbing
I had hoped to continue climbing to the top, just for the feeling of accomplishment, but the height and the swaying were beginning to get to me a bit and my arms were TIRED, so down I went. I guess I’ll have to work out more with those weights before I attempt this again. We still have MANY repairs to make before we can get underway, so expect to be here at the marina for 2 more days. As they say, “Cruising is working on your boat in exotic places.” Cheers to all! Karen and Murph
Hello to All from Lady’s Island Marina, Beaufort, SC - Still at the marina, waiting for Murph to return on May 23 before heading out again. Thought I would share a few photos (and laughs) with you. My friend Natasha drove up from Titusville to visit with me Fri-Mon. We had lots of laughs (as is typical with Natasha :-). I’ve included a photo of her at the helm, hair flying.2015_05_16_natasha_at_the_helmwatch_out But don’t worry, we never left the slip, that was just her Hollywood pose! We went on a walking tour of downtown Beaufort. It’s a charming town, the 2nd oldest city in SC, after Charleston, and has more antebellum homes per city block than any other town in the US. I’ve included a photo of an interesting tree that we saw along the way (and it wasn’t the only one that grew like that).
2015_05_16_beaufort_tree 2015_05_16_who_are_these_people
Beaufort has a beautiful waterfront park with bench swings along the riverwalk. Natasha took a photo of an older couple in one of the swings (I have no idea who they are!!). I told them that we wanted a photo to send home to show that we brought the kids with us :-). They laughed, but I think that they thought we were both nuts. (Being around Natasha does that to you :-)! And I had to include another sunset photo, 2015_05_16__ladys_island_marina_sunsettaken by Natasha one evening while she was here. The other 4 photos show the significant tides that we have in this area. The tides are over 8 feet! It’s hard to imagine that the water level drops (or rises) over 8 feet every ~6 hours! We are at a floating dock, so the ramp from the fixed pier to the floating dock changes angle as the tides change. You can see the steep slope of the ramp at low tide, and the almost horizontal slope of the ramp at high tide.
2015_05_16_ladys_island_high_tide_ramp_end_view 2015_05_16_ladys_island_low_tide_ramp_end_view
2015_05_19_ladys_island_high_tide_ramp_side_view 2015_05_19_ladys_island_low_tide_ramp_side_view
Pretty amazing, and just one of the reasons that navigating the ICW (aka, “The Ditch”) is so challenging in some areas. (Fun fact: The Prince of Tides (get it? “Tides”?), a 1991 movie starring Barbra Streisand and Nick Nolte, was based on a book by Pat Conroy, a Beaufort resident. It was filmed in Beaufort, along with many other movies, including Forrest Gump, The Big Chill, and G. I. Jane. OK, on to more mundane (but still fun) activities the next few days...oiling the teak, laundry, grocery shopping, taking a REAL shower. Hope to have more exciting on-the-water adventures to share next week. Karen

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Hello to All from “Waiting for the storm to hit South Carolina” - I had not planned to send another trip report for a couple of weeks, but had to share some photos and an interesting incident with you. We ended up moving the boat from the anchorage into a slip on Friday instead of waiting until Monday because of the impending storm ("Ana") and the fact that this particular slip is very difficult to enter when the currents are strong.rainbowsdblbuft (In fact, the marina manager almost insisted that we come in on Friday and also enter at a certain time of day when the tides and currents are favorable.) Anyway, it was nice to get in early and get a shower and do the laundry. There was a beautiful double rainbow and gorgeous sunset that evening (photos attached). I especially like the sunset photoladysissunset_bykarenposey...the sky looked almost surreal. The next day (today), we spent most of the day provisioning the boat, including a trip to West Marine for some much needed parts. The marina manager, TJ, was kind enough to let us use a loaner car so that we could run our errands. The car did appear to be on its last leg, but what the heck, any car is better that walking several miles. Well...maybe not :-(. As we started to cross a high speed bridge over Battle Creek, the car just died! I mean died, kaput, nada!! We were able to coast to a shoulder lane on the bridge, but we were barely out of the zooming traffic. ladysistj_bykarenposeyTJ came and picked us up, moved all of our groceries to the back of his pickup truck, and I rode in the back of the pickup with the groceries and TJ’s spaniel, Rudder, for the trip home (no photo to share on this one). I’m afraid to ask what tomorrow will bring :-)! Time to batten down the hatches and wait for the storm to pass. Karen & Murph

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Hello to all from the chilly waters of South Carolina - Not many "adventures" until day 11 (May 7), so I'll start with some photos from days 8 - 10. In my last report, I failed to attach photos of the sunset and moonrise at the South Altamaha River anchorage on Sunday night.
soaltamahasunset soaltamahasunsetcolors
Another boring sunset...ho-hum. Amazingly, the sunset really looked like the image in the artsy photo. Now switching gears, who knew that cows could survive in the salt marshes of Georgia! 
2015_05_04_cows_in_salt_marshes_georgia 1 2015_05_04_shrimp_boat_old_tea_kettle_creek_georgia 3 2015_05_04_samara 3
It was fun to see a shrimp boat up close and personal, but no sign of Forrest or Captain Dan. We met up with our friend Mario and his boat Samara several times during the trip. Samara is a 32 foot Endeavor, just like Murph's boat. We fueled up at Kilkenny Marina, Georgia. Not exactly your image of a full-service marina. Call it rustic? shabby? You pick the descriptor. My cousin Cathy requested a photo of Murph
2015_05_05_kilkenny_marina_ga 1 2015_05_05_kilkenny_marina_ga_murph 4
, so here he is on the boat at Kilkenny. On Tuesday, we anchored in the narrow Redbird Creek at low tide. Notice the mud in front of the salt marshes... Believe it or not, that mud plus most of the grass is covered at high tide. The yellow hue of the grasses as sunset approached was unexpected but beautiful. At sunset, as the tide rose, the water filled the small creek that cut through the grasses.
redbirdlowtide redbirdsunsetflag
We had some great sailing on day 11 (May 7)! We unfurled the jib to a single reef, beat into a 25 knot wind ( with gusts to 30 knots) for over an hour. The boat crashing into the waves (6 ft in places) and the waves breaking over the bow provided excitement and fun.
beaufortsc sail karen_beaufort river murph_portroyal

No exercising to Charlotte's video while underway today, but, with the many short tacks we made, handling the sails provided plenty of exercise. The late afternoon provided another kind of adventure. I call it "How to spend 2 hours anchoring in the cold, driving rain and smile through it all". As the title suggests, we were hit with the front as we entered our anchorage in Factory Creek near Lady Island Marina in Beaufort South Carolina. It was pouring down rain, driven by the wind, and cold. Thank goodness for foul weather jackets. Due to the depths and limited space in which to anchor, Murph had to change out the anchor chain. After much time spent trying to find an adequate location, we dropped anchor, only to find that our swing was probably too wide. ( No one wants to bump a nearby structure.) We had, at this point, spent over an hour in the rain, and so we considered docking at a marina. But Murph thought that putting down a second anchor might solve the problem and would provide a challenge ( as if traveling the ICW is not challenging enough). Fortunately, it worked, and after almost two hours in the rain, the "adventure" was over. ( Murph has a sign displayed in the cabin that says " The difference between an ordeal and an adventure is attitude". By the way, I was not able to take photos of either "adventure" today ( sailing or anchoring) for obvious reasons, but I did include photos of both Murph and myself at the helm and one of the boat under sail. And to those ( including myself) who thought that I might be bored on this trip...No Way!! By the way, we do plan to move to a slip at the marina on Monday ( May 11), and I will stay there for 2 weeks while Murph takes a trip up north to visit family. I don't expect to have much to report during those two weeks, so you might not hear from me for a while. I think it just might take me that long to dry out !

Cheers! Karen and Murph

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Saturday was uneventful except for a couple of noteworthy events. A skate/ray jumped out of the water close to the port side of the bow... made me jump, it was so unexpected. We were impressed with some large yachts at Fernandina Beach (photo of one with the glistening flags attached).20150502_fernandinabch  We were passed by a Trumpy "America". It really caught our attention because Trumpy is a very expensive, beautiful, traditional boat. You don't often see them (photo attached).20150502_trumpy  We could have been their dinghy! Nancy suggested that I send Charlotte photos of me exercising in the cabin. I have attached two photos and asked Lea for Charlotte's email address. Note the photo where I am on the mat - one small move and that laptop is on top of me!
20150502_situps 20150502_weights
  Sunday was an early day. The 2 attached photos depict the beautiful sunrise. We had to be underway by 7 a.m. because there is a low spot at Jekyll Creek and, with our 5 foot draft, we can traverse that area only at high tide. We anchored Sunday night in the salt marshes of Georgia.
brickhillmoonrise brickhillsunset
One week into the trip and relationship still intact. Just 25 weeks to go . Just an FYI -" Adventures" seem to be dwindling (whew!), so I expect to send less frequently emails in the future ( maybe weekly?). Cheers! Karen

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